Even though CD – and more recently digital music – sales have overtaken vinyl sales for years, vinyl record collections and sales were never made fully obsolete. Those CD and vinyl collections need somewhere to rest while being preserved so why not try these steel LP album racks which provide great album storage.

Vinyl Requires Better Physical Storage Conditions

Vinyl needs to be handled differently than CDs to best preserve its physical quality and sound performance. CDs can be copied digitally and archived with no audio quality loss, but LP albums are collectors’ items and need to be physically preserved over time. Deterioration can happen and affects not only the sound quality but the album covers as well.

LP Sound is Worth Preserving

The sweet sounds preserved on vinyl are an unmistakable throwback to our past, and are still used and collected today because the sound produced on LPs are difficult to replicate with modern technology. This alone makes their protection and storage that much more valuable. In order to protect your vinyl’s sound, make sure to keep your vinyl records clean and keep them stored vertically in a climate-controlled environment to prevent warping. It is also recommended to store records on a steel platform over wood as wood will expand and contract due to moisture, which in the end may negatively affect your vinyl.

Records Stand the Test of Time

CDs reigned supreme as mass production of music was made technologically simple, but a great Vinyl collection shows class, culture and style. It shows how much one can value every aspect of music. Record collectors not only preserve a rocking sound from golden decades of music, but they also hold value in their collection of limited edition music libraries.

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